I have been part of five product engineering teams - and have worked as an Individual Contributor in each of them.

While it has always excited me to work on product(s) , and develop new features for it ; it has also made me more quality driven, and create a priority based roadmap to map with the upcoming business needs. I have also Interacted with end-users, to understand their requirements better, and what would they expect more from the product.

Some end users think of a way, while some ask for suggestions what needs to be done to make an existing process user friendly, or to preserve exclusive right to the intellectual properties they possess.

Consulting helps by suggesting an solution to solve the problem(s).  It also bridges the gap between the user's idea and the technological front, by sharing the implementation in simple English, and if required with mock-ups. Though the implementation details is left to the client, it makes end users happy to note that software can help them achieve the goals in a more intuitive way.

Blending the above skills, with my expertise, I provide software consulting to my clients.