Welcome to the home page of Sujay Ghosh.  

I am an experienced software professional, and started my career with C / MS DOS 6.22 . Till date I have handled various roles and responsibilities; from being a Software Engineer, Technical Leader to Individual Contributor. 

With the passing of time, I have learnt new programming languages, software methodologies, techniques, and skills which have made me a better developer.

My major focus is on software consulting and bespoke software development . I work on developing bespoke software  using C, C++, STL, Win32, Visual C++, MFC, ATL, COM, C++/CLI, C# and Winforms. 

I have been part of five product engineering teams - four in C, Win32, C++,STL, MFC, COM, and one in C#, Winforms.

I also maintain an blog at which provides product reviews, technology updates in my skills as well as occasional posts on software development.

For further information about me, my work and areas of interest, please browse through the pages and the links .